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"You would think that creating a more balanced healthy life would be easy..."

Dear Potential Coaching Client, 

Do you struggle with being consistent when it comes to losing weight? Are you sick and tired of feeling unhealthy and gross in your body? Are you tired of dieting and doing tons of cardio and still not getting lasting results? Maybe you lost some weight in the past, but when something challenges your normal everyday life, you find yourself falling back into old habits that don’t serve you? Are you done trying to do this all on your own and just need a professional to help support, encourage, and guide you? 

You, girlfriend, are in the right place.

The real truth behind the success of the Reclaim Your Best Life System, which has been able to create lasting results for hundreds of women looks like this… 

Healthy Habits + Mindset + Proven System X Accountability = FOREVER Results 

"Karissa is an absolute Rockstar. I can’t begin to describe how much value I found in her coaching. The 12-week program Karissa offered was tailored to achieving my specific goals and she held me accountable to them. She guided me every step of the way. I know I can count on Karissa to be positive, encouraging, upbeat, honest, and firm when needed. Every week I felt like I had a breakthrough moment that allowed me to reach my goals. Thank you, Karissa, for allowing me to see what I am truly capable of with the right Mindset!"


"I have worked with Karissa for 12 weeks, and wow has it been great! I have never worked with a personal coach before this, and didn't know what to expect. But I can say it was like working with a kindred spirit every week that helps me uncover my goals and holds me accountable to going after them. As a working mama I always put myself last which left me feeling drained and uninspired. My sessions with Karissa gave me the tools to change my mindset and restructure my day without loading more "shoulda" or "to-do's" to my list. She is an inspiring woman who has been through it all and done the hard work herself. She will be your biggest cheerleader and a light to help you re-spark your own inner light!"


Shannon BossedUp




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